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‘Between the Monuments’ at Avebury

The dig in the West Kennet Avenue, August 2013

The dig in the West Kennet Avenue, August 2013

It’s been almost a decade since I was last digging at Avebury as part of the ‘Negotiating Avebury‘ project, so it was lovely to be invited along with my Avebury Archaeological and Historical Research Group (AAHRG) colleagues to visit the latest excavations at this amazing place, part of the current ‘Between the Monuments‘ project and following the team’s 2012 geophysical survey. This latest project features two of the site directors from the Negotiating Avebury Project, Dr Josh Pollard (University of Southampton) and Dr Mark Gillings (University of Leicester), joined this time by Dr Nick Snashall (National Trust) as co-director. Continue reading

Stonehenge; photosynth

Rather than a traditional panorama, this makes use of the photosynth capability of the photosynth platform. Taken around Stonehenge, this synth comprises 150 photos taken on a single visit. Sometime soon, I’ll do a mega synth of all my Stonehenge photos.