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The United Kingdom; a sense of place

Slightly off topic…

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the goings on in Scotland; the referendum and the idea of independence. It’s been a hot topic on Twitter and Facebook and with many Scottish friends on both sides of the debate and with obvious ramifications for the UK as a whole, it’s hard not to take an interest. And whilst I am very much English as English can be (excepting my Geordie heritage and ultimately Scandinavia origins), do not live in Scotland and never have and therefore, some might suggest, I do not have much of a claim to speak on this matter, I do feel there is some deeper relevance of ideas relating to space and place of the kind often discussed by eminent scholars such as Yi-Fu Tuan. This is my tangential hook into the debate. So whilst not strictly pertaining to the usual technological topics of this blog, I do feel a bit of humanistic geography is directly relevant to the broader debate regarding the future of Great Britain and United Kingdom. Continue reading