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Stonehenge Tunnel Scheme: Consultation now open

Stonehenge and the A303

Stonehenge and the A303

Plans for the upgrading of the A303, including a tunnel past Stonehenge, have now been published with a fanfare and there is a consultation phase open until 5th March. Continue reading

Stonehenge Environmental Improvements Project wins award

Inside the stone circle

Inside the stone circle

Chris Blandford Associates (CBA) have won an award from the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) for their work on the Stonehenge Environmental Improvements Project (SEIP). Continue reading

A consultation on the future of local government archaeology services

Mess office by Javier M.

So many files, so little time…

There is an ongoing consultation on the future of local government archaeology services, open till February 14th 2014. The text of the consultation, with some informative descriptive narrative, has been made available by Henry Rothwell so I shall point you towards the text and his commentary on it. In short, the Inquiry wishes to address the following themes:

1)   The consideration of options for improving the sustainability of local services providing (i) curatorial advice, and (ii) HERs &  archaeological archives, drawing on best practice from local authorities in England and elsewhere in the UK;

2)   Whether the knowledge and enthusiasm of third sector organisations could be  harnessed to help supplement public involvement in archaeology;

3)   The consideration of (i) how the impending creation of Historic  England could provide opportunities to forge closer links between local services and their national counterparts, and (ii) if current sector-produced standards and guidance provide the necessary rigour to underpin such a diversity of provision.

Continue reading

Heritage Vocabularies; widgets now available

Gear Wheels by freefoto

Gear Wheels by freefoto

Another step forward has just been announced in the world of digital heritage data mechanics. Continue reading

Linked Data vocabularies for cultural heritage

Linked Data cloud by Anja Jentzsch

Linked Data cloud by Anja Jentzsch

Colleagues from the Hypermedia Research Unit at the University of South Wales have been working hard on the Seneschal project of late (also see here for more info about the project) and a key output has been released this week, comprising a range of cultural heritage vocabularies expressed as Linked Open Data. For those who attended the Hestia event on Thursday, Keith May gave a bit of a sneak preview. Continue reading

So long and thanks for all the fish… Hello G-STAR!

So long and thanks for all the fish...

So long and thanks for all the fish…

After over five years as the Geomatics Manager for Wessex Archaeology, I have now left to start a PhD in computer science, investigating geosemantic tools for archaeological research (G-STAR) based in the Hypermedia Research Unit at the University of Glamorgan with input from the Geographical Information Systems Research Unit. Continue reading

3d Laser Scanning for Heritage; 2nd Edition

3D Laser Scanning for Heritage

3D Laser Scanning for Heritage

As I posted recently, the new revised edition of the laser scanning guidance from English Heritage has now been published.

The new version features features three case studies based on Wessex Archaeology projects. More information on these projects can be found on the geomatics case studies pages at the Wessex Achaeology website.

The document can be downloaded as a pdf from the English Heritage website here.