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Archaeology Blogging Carnival for SAA 2014

An archaeology blogging carnival for SAA2014

An archaeology blogging carnival for SAA2014

Doug Rocks-Macqueen is running an archaeology blogging carnival to coincide with the 2014 SAA conference which features a Blogging in Archaeology session. For full details see Doug’s blog post. In the run up to the session, a question will be posted each month and folk will reply through the medium of their blogs. Neat idea, eh?

As each question arises, I will do my best to respond to some or all of them, time permitting. Given the broad range of blogging archaeologists out there, there should be a varied and interesting bunch of responses. Hopefully a great contribution to the conference session.

There’s also the hashtag #blogarch for the carnival and the conference session.

Day of Archaeology

Day of Archaeology 2012

Day of Archaeology 2012, logo by Glenn Hustler of Enkyad Heritage Media. Used under CC License.

Just finished taking a bit of time away from finishing CAA papers to do a blog for the Day of Archaeology, which is now published here and talks about some of the crazy fun things I did today.

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