Blogging Archaeology: November

The first post in the Blogging archaeology blog carnival.

Blog ideas by Owen W Brown

Blog ideas by Owen W Brown

Why blogging? – Why did you start a blog?

I started my first blog in 2006. This was a rather unfocussed pile of commentary, things I like and rants about politics and other irksome subjects.

Moving forwards, I started Archaeogeomancy as a subject specific blog, focussing on issues relating to Digital Heritage, Archaeological Information Systems and particularly spatial technologies and geomatics in archaeology. This aligned with my professional and academic work and gave me some space to talk about my work, my research and the subject domain more generally.

More recently, I have started gstar.archaeogeomancy as a portal to my research. This blog simply syndicates content from archaeogeomancy when certain conditions are met; a simple way of the giving my PhD it’s own profile on the web but without having to expend additional effort maintaining another blog.

I also blogged on the Wessex Archaeology computing blog for a number of years, with the focus here being projects and other work done through the company; more of a corporate blog than Archaeogeomancy. My blog is still there, some nice content I think, although it’s not updated any more since I left.

Why are you still blogging?

I find so many useful resources out there on the web, within digital heritage practitioners and IT geeks websites, my aim is to document my work in the hope it is useful to others. I’m always open for a discussion if people want to know more. This is particularly true with my PhD blogging. The nature of publication and dissemination is changing and blogs are a key part of this.

A secondary purpose now I am working freelance is to provide interesting content about things I am working on or have worked on. Blogs can provide an excellent marketing platform and it is always nice when people contact me to discuss a previous project as they need something similar. Always happy to discuss potential projects 🙂