In the wake of the first birthday celebrations, Archaeogeomancy are very pleased to announce a new venture: Paul Cripps is now a consultant for Archaeovision, a new company launched Q4 2013 specialising in 3D recording, imaging and web/data management for the heritage sector. Featuring an impressive portfolio of projects and services, Archaeovision operate world-wide and employ some of the best digital heritage experts in the field.

Archaeovision’s mission statement:

Archaeovision offers innovative solutions to a wealth of problems in the heritage sectors.

We can 3D scan your objects, survey your building, investigate and enhance surface details – from microwear on teeth to coins and monumental inscriptions, build 3D reconstructions of objects and even whole landscapes.

If that wasn’t enough, we can also build you modern, accessible websites for your institution or collection.

Paul says of this new arrangement:

This is a very exciting development and I am looking forward to working with Archaeovision, adding to their already extensive skill base and portfolio of services. Equally, being able to draw on the complimentary skills of the Archaeovision team and their skilled fieldwork staff will add value to projects I already have in the pipeline and provide additional scope for taking on a more diverse range of projects across the world. It is a great pleasure to join their team and work with them to deliver the best digital heritage solutions possible for clients.

Paul can still be contacted and commissioned through Archaeogeomancy for archaeological geomatics services including smaller projects, training and consultancy. He can now also be contacted via Archaeovision, as can the rest of the Archaeovision team, to access their full range of services including 3D, imaging, web and data management.