Digital Geoarchaeology 2013

Sandsfoot Castle

Sandsfoot Castle

This interdisciplinary conference is to be held later this year in Germany. With a broad range of subjects to be included, this promises to make a very useful contribution to the discourse relating to archaeological geomatics and related subject areas.

The invitation to attend states:

Having its major focus on New Technologies for Interdisciplinary Human-Environmental Research, the symposium aims at bringing together researchers from different disciplines, who deal with the investigation of human-environmental interactions.

We would like to cordially inivite you to attend our meeting and to enter into a cross-disciplinary dialogue between scientists from various subjects like Archaeology, Computer Sciences, Geography, Geoinformatics, History, etc. Besides stimulation of collaboration, common fields of work are to be identified and discussed from different scientific perspectives in order to better understand past relationships between man and environment and to protect cultural heritage.

Digital Geoarchaeology 2013 is affiliated with the Geographical Institue of Heidelberg University and the Insitute of Geography of University of Cologne. It is funded by the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities.

More information is available from the conference website and in the Archaeogeomancy calendar.