Technology in Archaeology

Some of my colleagues and I were recently interviewed by the Institution of Engineering and Technology about our work and a video to accompany the magazine article is now online as reported by Wessex Archaeology.

I spoke about GIS, survey techniques and laser scanning and the online video includes some footage of a castle scan I’m currently working on. This footage of the laser scan data is a preliminary version of something that will shortly be available on the Wessex Archaeology website as part of some webpages relating to that project. There will be more on this here and over at the Wessex Archaeology blogs.

Laser scanning is becoming increasingly important as a tool for capturing 3D data relating to sites, monuments, buildings and even entire landscapes by using airborne LiDAR systems. Recent projects have been some of the biggest and most detailed to date and the upcoming web pages will reflect this; keep an eye on this site and the Wessex Archaeology blogs.