Colonisation of Britain; Linked Data now live!

Late Upper Palaeolithic long blades

Late Upper Palaeolithic long blades by Wessex Archaeology

A while back, I was commissioned by Wessex Archaeology to undertake the Linked Data component of the Colonisation of Britain project. The broader project, funded by English Heritage, involved the digitisation of the archives of the late Roger Jacobi and production of enhanced database/GIS resources now archived at the ADS.

The Linked Data component involved the production of a Linked Data resource based on the Colonisation of Britain database/GIS to be included in Archaeology Data Service (ADS) Linked Data repository. I am very pleased to announce this data is now live!

There is still more potential for expanding this resource. At some point, I’d like to add some GeoSPARQL nodes to the repository using the lightweight integration method I’ve developed for the GSTAR project. This would further enhance the spatial data already present which comprises place names and was constructed using the Ordnance Survey’s Linked Open Data resources and OpenRefine. There is also potential for integrating more of the data which supports the project archive, including scanned images of Jacobi’s original materials archived at the British Museum, perhaps using something like the IIIF Shared Canvas Data Model.

Thanks to the project team at Wessex Archaeology, notably Matt Leivers and Chris Brayne. Thanks also to Michael Charno at the ADS.