Three-dimensional archaeology; recording, analysis and visualisation

The programme for the CAA conference is now online. Entitled Three-dimensional archaeology; recording, analysis and visualisation, the session I am co-organising with Geoff Avern was heavily oversubscribed, receiving over 30 submissions, which I would argue demonstrates the current interest in this field with technologies such as Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS), Close Range Laser Scanning (CRLS), structured light, structure from motion and photogrammetric techniques becoming more accessible to archaeologists. 

As a result of this interest, the session has spawned two further sessions, each of which extends the aim of the original session (which starts on Thursday 29th starting at 9am).

The first, entitled On a smaller scale: 3D modelling and analysis of finds, will look at applications as related to artefacts and objects. This session starts on Wednesday 28th at 2pm.

The second, entitled La Question du Jour: Laser Scanning or Photogrammetry immediately follows the original session and will look at some practical examples and case studies of these two particular technologies at larger scales, aiming to compare, contrast and identify common ground, as per the original session abstact. This session starts on Thursday 29th at 2pm.

So, if you have an interest in this area or would just like to learn more about the current state of play, I would recommend attending these three sessions. If you have active research interests in any of the technologies or techniques listed, your contributions to the discussion would be most welcome.

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